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AllAbout?s: the 5 Burning Questions I’ve Been Frequently Asked

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Written by: T.M. Brunson

I get asked questions every day by random people.

Just today, I was at a work event, and one person asked me how many kids I have. I knew as soon as I answered “six,” I would get the shocked-look face and the age-old question: how do you do it? Then that question is usually followed by someone telling me how many kids they have and how hard it is with only one or two kids and that they can’t even imagine doing it with the number of kids I have. This particular conversation involved how do I pack lunches for all of them. My answer: the same way you do. It just takes more time. I, literally, have to dedicate 45 minutes of my morning to packing lunches because I’m usually coordinating breakfast at the same time.



What questions are you asked about your daily life by random people? Here are my top three:

QUESTION #1 - Are they all yours?

YES, they are all mine. Why would I be walking around with this many kids at one time? Do I look like a camp counselor?

QUESTION #2 - Are they all from the same father?

Can you believe the audacity of some people? I got asked this question TWICE in a doctor’s office by two different people—once by a doctor and once by a nurse. That is none of your f@#$-in business!

Since when did it become natural for anyone to ask this type of question. Why do people think that they can be all up in your business like that?

QUESTION #3 - How will you pay for all of their weddings?

How is that any of your business? Who says that all of my daughters have to get married? And if they do, they can elope. They all don’t need big weddings. Get out of my wallet!

QUESTION #4 - Are you done?

I was asked this question after having baby #3 in the middle of big teleconferenced meeting as an executive at a major television network. I think I must’ve turned purple.

Besides that one question being an HR issue that I never addressed, I should’ve had a slapback for that one ready and waiting—get out of my uterus!

Now, I frequently get asked this question by family members, friends, co-workers, and etc. Everyone wants to know why I keep having kids. Everyone wants to know if I’ve been trying for a boy. Everyone wants to know if they were all planned.

QUESTION #5 - When is your husband getting a V?

Yes, as much as I wanted people to stay out of my uterus, I wanted many more people to stop suggesting that my husband get a vasectomy.

Why is the sperm coming out of him any of your business?, is what I continued to think every time he or I were asked if we had considered this procedure. And it wasn’t just women who were asking. Men would tell him about their procedure and how simple it was.

No one asked you. Thank you, but no thank you.



I didn’t think I was going to be able to have kids. I had poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Three different doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to have a baby without fertility drugs.

At the time, my husband and I weren’t using any kind of contraception. I have had irregular periods all of my life. And I wasn’t getting pregnant. I was gaining weight rapidly because of PCOS.


So I was given some chasteberry tea to help balance my hormones while I was exercising on a regular basis. Next thing I knew, I was pregnant with baby #1. I was 32 years old then...and I’ve been pregnant ever since!

Seven doctors, one miscarriage, and five kids later, I had my last baby in my early 40s. For the full story of my journey to The Brunson Bunch, subscribe to my mailing list (and don’t forget to check your spam folder to confirm your e-mail address!) for my first newsletter on this topic.

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