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About AMI

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I started All Mommy Issues mainly because people kept asking questions on how I handle the every day issues with six girls. I wanted a platform where I could talk about every issue that comes up when raising kids. I wanted to share and release that energy and knowledge that I had so that others may benefit and/or feel they weren't alone.

We all have similar issues and could benefit from each other's knowledge.

We are a village—learning how to navigate mommyhood day by day.

And you don't have to be a biological mommy to appreciate any of it. You could be that auntie, that grandma, that "play aunt", that godmother, that friend who has a special interest in a child and needs some help with the every day.

All Mommy Issues is your extension to your family. We are here to help you get

through every day—sometimes by the hour.

Tiesha Brunson, Founder

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