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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Written by: T.M. Brunson

Breastfeeding 6 girls, and no two were the same.

They tell you that every pregnancy is different. It is. They tell you that every kid is different. They are. None of my kids were planned.

Fortunately, I was able to stay home for four months with girls 1-5. This afforded me the opportunity to nurse longer and have time to pump enough milk to build up enough of a supply for when I returned to work.

I only nursed #1 for two months exclusively. She was the guinea pig. Breastfeeding hurt. After two months, I was OVER it. When #2 came along, I decided to consult a lactation consultant to come to the house.

Terry was the Breast Whisperer. She got #2 to latch on with a quickness. I was able to nurse #2 and #3 for 11 months exclusively.

By the time #4 came along, you would think I wouldn’t need a Breast Whisperer...but I did. Why wouldn’t my babies ever latch right from the get go? #4 bit me until she drew blood. That’s why I called Terry. She was able to turn things around for me. Once the baby got it, I was able to nurse her for an entire year, exclusively.

Then, with #5, I had the most success. This girl was an eater. And I was able to nurse her for TWO years! I, actually, had to cut HER off.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen with #6. Due to financial reasons, I had to return to work when she was only two months. I was already stressed out because I had to leave my two month old baby (granted, I was leaving her with my husband, so I wasn’t worried); but I didn’t want to be away from her.

Then, my period came back early! In ALL of my other pregnancies, my period didn’t return for, at least, a year! I had #6 in September and was bleeding by November! And I got my period (who I’ve named “Molly”) TWICE in November!

All of this took a toll on my milk supply. I was already stressed out from life, in general (since I have six kids and somebody usually needs something all the time). So between the stress of that and of going back to work, my supply started to decrease.

"Had I known how rapidly it would happen, I would’ve taken better precautions. When I realized what was happening, I googled how to get my milk back."

I started taking fenugreek supplements, upping my water supply, and sipping beer. Nothing was helping. Today, #6 got a shot and, normally, I would drink some mineral water to counteract the mercury in the shot; but I couldn’t even do that. I tried to put her on my boob and so little came out, I don’t even know if she drank it.

So, I googled how to get your milk supply back. Fenugreek and blessed thistle. The nurse was just telling me about the latter today. I’m going to try it. A very special man in my life always said, “Nothing beats a failure but a try.” Thanks for those words of wisdom, Doc.

In the meantime, I will start pumping again (I haven’t pumped since before the Christmas holiday) and see what happens. It’s so much easier to breastfeed. I miss it so much!

I reached out to my Momology group on FB to get other ideas to increase my milk supply. So, I will try everything. I don’t want to short-change her. That would be a #momfail to me. If I have to hand pump, I will!

So, please, wish me luck. I will let you know how my journey to get my breastmilk back goes.

- Tiesha Brunson

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