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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Written by: T.M. Brunson

It’s amazing having six girls. Every day is a new adventure. Nothing is ever the same. Just trying to keep appointments straight is something that I endeavor to do.

Every one of them has a different personality. Each one of them needs to be dealt with differently. I learned that over the years. They all crave attention from me and my husband. They love having individual time with us.

I love watching them grow. You can actually see the lightbulb above their heads when they discover something new. It's exciting to see the world through their eyes. It really keeps me grounded.

One kid used to be the athletic one—but ever since she discovered gaming, she's been all into that. She will do anything to get to play. She will clean. She will help her sisters. She will be on her best behavior—just to get more time on her tablet. When we force her to take time away from devices, she likes to draw—and she does it very well.

I have one girl who is loud. Yes, you read it correctly. She's loud. Nothing is wrong with her hearing, she just likes to be heard. And, she's very nurturing. She doesn't like to see other people cry. She will hug them in a heartbeat.

...which segues very nicely into the next daughter. You can't have a bunch of girls and not have a sensitive one. She will cry at the drop of a dime...but she's also got spunk. She marches to the beat of her own drum. She doesn't care what everyone else is doing, she will do what she wants to do, even if it means doing it alone.

I have another one who is the drama queen in the family. When she was younger, she cared about the environment and what people were doing to destroy it. She was our tree-hugger. She was also the one who booked the most auditions and appeared in a couple of commercials.

She still cares about world, don't get me wrong; but not as much as she cares about cooking, singing, and playing instruments.

And, lastly, we have a comedienne. The loves to play jokes on people. She will do whatever she can to get under her sisters' skin. She's also very sweet (when she wants to be). And very competitive. She may be short, but she's fast on the track.

You might've realized that that's only five descriptions. Well, the baby is still TBD. I can already tell she's different than her sisters. You can tell our house is going to be "fun" during the teen years, right? LOL Boobs are already developing. Talks about sex have been had. Periods are on the horizon…

I'm afraid. Very, very afraid.

I can only take each day as it comes. It seems like yesterday when I was their age. It wasn't that long ago. I refuse to feel old. I'm just going to go with feeling "wiser."

What idiosyncrasies do you see amongst your children, if you have multiplies? If you have one child, how much different are they from how you were as a child?

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