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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

This is not a very sexy subject, but it's real. Hair loss has played a big part in my life since I was 14 years old.

I have been experiencing hair loss since I was 14. It all started once I started taking birth control. I was on Depo (horrible) and later on, a pill that I cannot remember the name of unfortunately.

Since then, my hair would come out in certain places only. Today I am 27 years old, still trying to convince myself that my hair is beautiful.

I know that the Creator grows every single strand of hair on our bodies. So then there must be a reason why mine does not grow in certain places, right?

Maybe my hair loss happens so I am really, truly, forced to love my self the way that I am.

Maybe one day I will have a child or family member who experiences hair loss, and I will have to be an example to him or her. Maybe there is something inside of me that I need to changed before my crown can be esteemed.

What I will say, is this journey most certainly has made me stronger, but in many ways I still feel weak.

I wear head coverings quite often. Always, actually. And I love head coverings, but it is a constant reminder of what I am hiding.

When I walk by a mirror, I contemplate if I should sneak a peak at my hair. Nah, someone may see me.

There is a natural hair company that sent me hair growth oil after I shared my story in a Facebook group. I was taking pictures of my progress, and when I was reviewing them, I saw something disheartening—my face in the photo.

I was looking at myself with so much anger. I know I didn't do it on purpose. But I sometimes catch myself doing that. When I am combing my hair, I will frown at myself. It is things like that, that I need to overcome. I need to love myself more.

My husband is my rock. He tells me I am beautiful all day, every day. He does not care about my hair loss. He does not want me to wear wigs. He is going bald too (lol) so he says we can be baldies together. lol

Then I look at my child, my other little baldie. He is still growing his hair in also. I realize something as I type this...How can I be so upset with myself over hair loss, when my beautiful baby boy, who is the most beautiful and happy child in this world, could not care less if I had hair, or if he had hair.

Social media and society make us value other people's opinions over our own. That stops here, Kaila. Yes, I am talking to myself right now. That stops HERE. The only opinion that matters is the opinion from the One Above!

A few years ago when I first started speaking about hair loss and advocating for women who were also experiencing it. I published an article on here

If there are any moms out there who want to talk more about this, please join the Facebook group.

Love you all,

Kaila Boulware

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