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Potty training is different for everyone, here is how my first time is going.

We've all heard the horror stories, and yes, those definitely do happen. But for me, honestly and truly, potty training is going pretty well!

Since my son was 3 months old I was thinking, "When can we start potty training?!" I know I know, he couldn't even sit up yet. But, the amount of money you spend on diapers is literally ridiculous.

Not to mention, EXTREMELY bad for the environment.

"There’s no question that disposable diapers create more landfill waste: a baby is likely to go through between 5,000 and 6,000 disposable diapers before becoming potty trained." (

"A 2014 Environmental Protection Agency report found that disposable diapers account for 7 percent of nondurable household waste in landfills. Except in very limited cases, disposable diapers (regardless of what they claim) won’t compost or biodegrade in a landfill." (

As a lover of nature, I of course, am horrified at this statistic.The last thing I want to do is increase my footprint. And, yes, I tried the cloth diapers when my son was a newborn. I talked to many moms who have used the cloth diapers also. It was just hard keeping up with the washing. This article is inspiring me to try again though. For Mother Earth!

As soon as my son was able to sit up, we started putting him on the toilet. His tiny self was too small to sit on the starter toilet by himself, so we would hold him and talk him through it. We explained to him what the toilet was, what the bathroom is for, and how important privacy is. We always speak to him like he can overstand. Because we know he can. Never underestimate the power of your baby. From day one, they know.

Fast forward to 1 year and our little big boy is peeing in the potty! We got one #2 in there. We are still working on that. But there are many times where the diaper will be dry and he will pee in the toilet instead!

To some, this may seem small, but one small step for our children is one giant step for parents everywhere!

Here are my tips:

  1. BE Patient. Everything happens in its time. So, keep that in mind every second. Don't rush the process. Just go with it.

  2. Make it fun! We sing songs, clap, play and talk about our day while we sit on the potty. We don't bring toys on the potty though. I don't want them to eventually end up down the drain.

  3. Congratulate, a lot! Even when he doesn't go in the toilet, I thank him and congratulate him for trying and taking the next step as a big boy.

Do you have any potty stories you want to share? Join our Facebook group and tell us!

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