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We recently started playing board games, and one of my favorites is Scrabble. Scrabble is one of those games that encourages you to learn and grow along the way. You have to learn word and definitions in order to be a champ.

I had this idea to write down the words we put down on the board, and their placement, and use it as a writing prompt. It can be anything you want. A story, poem, essay, journal entry, or anything else you can think of. This is a really fun way to spend time with the family and develop your reading and writing skills.

When you are writing your prompt, keep these things in mind:

  1. Be creative, and have fun. Let your mind flow and your soullll glowwww.

  2. Challenge yourself. Don't take the easy way out. Try not to repeat words if you can help it.

  3. Involve the whole family! Encourage everyone to write their own piece and take turns reading them aloud.

  4. Proofread and make it better! The piece below is my 6th draft of this work. It changed and evolved each time I read it over.

  5. Use pen and pencil. Go back to the good old days and get those fingers going. It is much more pleasant on your eyes than staring at your screen.

Here is the list of words we played, and the writing that I came up with.

  1. cheap

  2. pails

  3. bees

  4. sins

  5. eggs

  6. great

  7. do

  8. divas

  9. corona

  10. cute

  11. city

  12. slurred

  13. fit

  14. flip

  15. wool

  16. board

  17. trap

  18. feats

  19. fi

  20. wet

  21. yea

  22. quart

  23. mix

  24. in

  25. zen

  26. queso

  27. has

  28. fig

  29. oak

  30. lure

  31. or

  32. join

  33. in

  34. one

  35. new

  36. lew

Cheap pollen covers poisoned flowers.

Pails of it burn through the wings of working class bees.

Sins of the honey business corrupt the colony, its citizens, and its food.

Youth full eggs grow in the hive.

Born to a queen who was lured into The Royals.

Pre-registering her progeny into The Kingdom Majesties.

Great liars lie in wait to use her offspring for pollen mass production programs.

Boy bees are brought up to be pilot pollinators.

Girl bees are sent off to flight schools for education in escort services.

Upon graduation, they are all free to roam the city, pollinating in the process.

Divas drinking coronas attract masked strangers.

Slurred speech signals The Spirits.

Sneakily, they seek a soul to fit and a life to flip.

Skin of wool, disguised wolves.

Planning to assimilate, trap, then destroy.

Freedoms are now the bees' all time feats.

Scriptural songs starting with a fi determine the key.

A song of faith and praise they sing.

Yellow and black jackets wet with tears of realization,

The bees join wings and ask their Creator to break the chains of colonization. Elder bees teach and profess, "A quart of faith is all you need to bring an enemy to its knees."

Add into the mix wisdom and truth, and watch the Most High see you through.

Through His Way, the queen attains zen and true peace.

Ella come queso como El Scripturas dice.

Her fig tree bears fruit.

Her oak tree takes root.

Newfound esteem glistens throughout the comb.

If the enemy comes near, they're now armored for the bought.

She'll draw her sword, The Word of Mouths.

The Scriptures they shall shout.

Or, they will lift their wings up in prayer if nothing else, and let Yoheweh do the rest.

Families in all the land

Join in prayer, hand in hand

To the One who made all life, lands and sands

Yoheweh Elohim, He makes us all new.

Yoheweh Elohim, the Greatest lew.

Much to even my own surprise, the writing prompt turned out to be kind of deep. It talks about a society of bees who are being taken over and how they find freedom through faith in their Creator. The words we played in the Scrabble games influenced literary parallels between a society of bees, and our society as we know it.

I would be really interested to hear what you and your family come up with for your Scrabble Stories. Feel free to email them to !

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