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The first day our carpets were replaced, I vacuumed them both 3 times within about 2 or 3 hours. I considered making a rule where we cannot eat in our bedrooms, but I knew that wouldn't last long. Unbeknownst to me, I had some lessons to learn, and some growth to do.

Here is the story.

Our 1 year old is running around our room and I am aiming bites of food into his mouth at every opportunity. We usually use his highchair, however, it's currently buried under his grandmother's high heels. (Our living dining room is packed with everything because we are painting.) We are getting down to the final bites, and so far, no food has hit the floor. WIN!

But, this last scoop is a big one. Noodles, with zucchini and other vegetables. Looking back, it was nothing that would make a huge mess, so I really could have calmed down.

My son takes a final lap around the room before coming to the rest stop for a bite to eat. I prepare the scoop and aim, his mouth opened wide. Unexpectedly, he starts to back track. My measurements are now off! I reach off of the bed, following his lead, but he moves further back still. Now, I am in a full lounge position. I mean, full, track start prepping for an Olympic sprint, lounge. "This scoop shall not hit this floor!"

Let me tell you something. Your WILL can out perform any obstacle that is put in your path. Don't you know my younger years of athleticism were not in vain? That last bite landed perfectly into that boy's mouth and the floor was left untouched, for the most part.

Fast forward to the next day, and we are now in our son's room. I am looking around for the fruity slushie snack that I just gave him, and it is nowhere to be found. I glance at him sitting on the floor and I immediately know where it is. Smooshy, fruity slushie now lies on his 2-day-old, brand new carpet. I inspect the damage and determine, "No biggie." I grab some wipes and it comes right up.

So, I finish cleaning up and decide to anoint our hair with oils. I get the oil, anoint his head, kiss his crown, and smile. Because I now try to keep a conscious mind to put things back where they go once I am done, I start walking back out of his room towards the baby gate. My son is at my feet racing to breakthrough the threshold before I close the gate. In one hand, I hold an opened bottle of oil. With the other, I attempt to block my son's head from the corner of the dresser as he wobbles past me. As we begin to tango, I spill the bottle of oil on his carpet. Thankfully, we chose a darker colored carpet, anticipating these types of spills. At first, I was frustrated because I have fallen from my unrealistic standard of brand new carpet cleanliness. But, after moments of reflection, I remembered these important things:

1. Don't cry over spilled oil.

2. Don't fall to materialism. Materials don't matter.

3. Maybe my son's room was being anointed. (Actually, I know it was.)

4. Just chill outttttttttttttttttt.

Not long after this lesson was delivered to me, I am walking into my son's room with his milk, and you guessed it, I drop the sippy cup and milk spills on the floor. This first thing I think is, "Isn't this one supposed to be spill proof?!" But, in any situation, before you made a judgement, you have to self reflect, right? What happened was, I was rushing, and didn't screw the top on correctly.

How did the sippy cup drop? I have no idea. I forget. Perhaps because that's not the important part. The point was, "Don't cry over spilled milk!"

In our lives, milk will spill. That is just how it is. When things happen we have a CHOICE. A choice to either get frustrated, or stay calm. Each choice has consequences.

What will I choose?

I choose to chill.

It's funny how little things can teach us big lessons. Do you have any lessons to share? Send them to or join our facebook group.

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