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Spring is about the rebirth and regrowth of your environment, both external and internal.

During the winter, we tend to hibernate, in a way. For me personally, this winter I did a lot of resting, and regrouping. I thought a lot about my family and our next moves. I thought about my career and what I need to do to take it to the next level. Most importantly, I rested.

Now, spring is here and it is time to spring forward with those thoughts, plans and prayers that I put in this past winter. Here are a few ways I think mommies can go about springing forward on the right foot this season:

1. Clean Your Temple. Your temple is your home. The home you live in, and the home YOU live in. Organize your physical, and internal, environment. Put things where they need to go. Remove things that should not be there. Refresh and clean things that need to be spruced up. Spring forward with a clean mind, body, soul, and home.

2. Move. Your body, and mind, need physical activity. When is the last time you did 30 minutes of cardio? 15-30 minutes of exercise will go a long way. Your body is a machine that needs to be well oiled, and conditioned, if you want it to last 80+ years. Stay oiled. Stay hydrated. Stay!

3. Play, a lot! With the children, of course, but also with yourself. What are things you used to do that made you smile and laugh? Roll around in the waves? Paint? Remember those things, tap into them and be happy.

4. Write. There is a confirmation that occurs when we write things down. Not only that, writing is how we preserve our history. Don't feel pressure to write a book. Start with a short writing prompt, then expand as you see fit. Passion Planners are a great start for those who need prompts.

5. Explore. As babies we all have the innate curiosity to explore different places and things. Perhaps, because it is a characteristic that should be pursued throughout our lives. Go somewhere you've never been before. You don't have to go across the world. You can pick somewhere right in your own town. Remember that one place you always pass, but never stopped at? Why not go there? Google nature parks near you, close your eyes, pick one, and GO!

6. Let the little things go. Practice choosing your battles more wisely as you spring forward. Choose not to respond to something that is not worth the mental or spiritual energy. You've got too much to look forward to anyways. Be intentional about the things, and people, you focus on.

7. Peace, be still. Peace should be a priority for you in all spheres of your life. Despite the multiple moving parts, peace is very attainable. It is all about your state of mind, and your decisions. Yes, we are in charge of the peace, or lack of peace, in our own lives. And, we all deserve it.

Do you have any suggestions about the best way to spring forward? Join our Facebook group to share them with us, or email us at

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