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By: T.M. Brunson

There are certain topics that a lot of people don't like to talk about. Those taboo topics...

Politics, for instance. There are different sides that people can take and some don't want to hurt others' feelings by having opposite viewpoints; and, others could care less how anyone feels and think that their side is the "right" side.

This past election brought about a lot of ugliness on social media. And I was 100% not there for it.

Religion is another topic. Is there a God? Is God a woman? Whose beliefs are the true beliefs? A lot of people stay away from those heated debates.

And, now, the most recent one that has consumed my weekend is the Covid-19 vaccine—which leads us to the age-old question: to vaxx or not to vaxx? That is today's question.

I just read an honest post from one of my friends on facebook on how she was bullied, by both sides, regarding the world's latest vaccine. I don't even want to write about this topic because I know how it brings up such heated discussions within all of the communities; but I felt I needed to say something.



No matter what side you're on, you cannot force people to do something that they don't want to do. They could have reasons that you can't even begin to understand. They might not have any reason at all because they are going with their gut feeling (and I told ya'll that trusting your gut is one of THE most important life lessons that I've learned in the past two years).

You can advise (if your advice is solicited). You can gently encourage. However, you shouldn't tell someone "you HAVE to do this" or "you're dumb if you do that." Not cool.

Other people have gone so far as to alienate people who don't share their same beliefs and have vaxxed-only get togethers/dinners.

I am opening up this discussion in the All Mommy Issues group because I want people to have informed conversations so they can make their own decisions without feeling pressured.



I see both sides of the story.

Millions of people have died from the flu. I've never gotten a flu shot. If it's my time to go, it's my time to go. Big Pharma is not going to bully me into injecting my body with something that might not even protect me against a particular strain of the flu that may be present around me.

Also, I wasn't around when the flu "originated." Was it man-made? I don't know. However, I have lived through the beginning of this outbreak. I've seen it take down healthy people, older grandma.

Do I believe that there is some sort of conspiracy going on? Yes. Possibly. You just never know.

For months, I've been diligent about keeping my family healthy while still living. We still go to the park. We still take walks. I'm still trying to keep a sense of normalcy, as much as I can.

Do I take other precautions? Yes. I give them drops of Mediterranean oil (AKA oil of oregano) to help fight off anything that may be brewing. I knew they had been around a lot of people this past weekend, so I lined them up and gave them drops of this oil before they went to bed. Is it helping? They haven't been really sick yet.

Plus, it's not healthy for them to be in masks all day—breathing in their own carbon dioxide. So I give them minimal exposure to other people. However, in the past few months, I've let them invite a friend or two over for that companionship that they've been craving since they don't go to school in-person.

The nurse at the front desk of my chiropractors office doesn't wear a mask. I didn't judge her. I just asked her how she got away without wearing one (I was genuinely curious). She said she has bad asthma and COPD and cannot wear the mask for more than a few minutes without her having major breathing difficulties.

Do I feel unsafe around her? Not at all.

This is life.



I had to pray and look for signs to figure out what was best for myself and my family. I hope that you trust your gut. I hope that you take the time to do the research so that you can make a well-informed decision.



If you were being bullied into vaccinating, would you lie and tell that person that you got vaccinated, just so they would leave you alone OR if you were being bullied not to vaccinate, would you lie and say you didn't?


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