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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

One grandmother's story about paint night at home with her family. She offered to host classes for the AMI mommies also! Interested? Click 'yes' here.

Written by: Kaila Boulware

Layla comes home from work. It snowed twice this month. Even still, she smiles as she brings bags of paint, canvas, and brushes into the house. Her daughter in law has been asking her to get back into painting over the years, but after seeing her precious grandson painting with her parents, Layla was motivated to pick up the brush again.

Her name is not “Layla”, it is short for “Abuelita”. Her grandson really loves his Layla, he also loves to paint. She can't wait to introduce his little fingers to the new paint see she purchased him. The family, her sons, and daughter in law, have been spending time painting and wanted Layla to join. She has been drawing and painting all of her life. She specializes in abstracts, primarily black and white works. Her eyes are drawn to beautiful flowy patterns that aren't entirely "abstract", but patterns that may take up familiar forms to the audience, yet ambiguous enough to carry a sense of mystery.

Her sons and daughter in law have, Bob Ross, “Joy of Painting” streaming and were painting earlier in the day.Their works in progress are displayed around the house. Layla can’t wait to paint with her grandson. The family helps unpack supplies, choose colors, and begin to paint.

As Layla paints with her two son’s, daughter in law and grandson, she decides to play! Normally, Layla only paints in black and white. Tonight, she’s grabbing colors and finger painting with her grandson. Layla feels free exploring with the paint. She grows confidence while watching her grandson paint with his hands without a care.

Sade plays in the background and it relaxes her. She loves Sade's style and sound. Her son finds a soulful house mix that helps liven up the mood as her family creates together.

Positive messages from Bob Ross’ teaching style help as well. He’s always saying things that relate to painting, but more-so relate to real life.

“Make a decision and go with it.”

“Be free. This is your world.”

“No pressure. Just relax and watch it happen.”

and one of our personal favorites :

“Every day is a good day, if you don't believe me, try missing a few." TRUTH!

Together, Layla and her family discuss and learn about the joys of painting. They loved having fun with her grandson and producing beautiful art.

Layla squirts black paint from the bottle, randomly creating shapes. An interesting image results.

Layla's grandson paints what looks like a shark our dolphin's fin bursting from blue and purple waters. He picked all of his colors with his own little fingers.

The grandson's father uses this as inspiration to create something similar.

His wife paints a pregnant belly with a beautiful golden baby inside.

Layla's youngest son paints a landscape that also looks like one of her grandson’s paintings.

This beautiful family is, in fact, my beautiful family. As a mother of a young child, I am forever grateful to share a family with artists. My husband and I find ourselves in constant conversation about the importance of giving our son the most solid foundation he could ever need.

Layla agrees as well, our relationship is incredibly strong and it shows every moment I observe my son grow in complexity, personality, and compassion. We learned together, as a family, that generational "Mommy Issues" can be hearty experiences like a "family paint night".

Thank you for taking the time to read this short story about a family coming together to experience the "Joy of Painting". If you would be interested in an All Mommy Issues virtual paint night, please click yes here.

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