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Feng Shui came up in my family last week after we were discussing a long term issue in our household--the feels. "Why does it feel so BLAH?" we complained. When our house was a little messy, it looked really messy. And when it was clean, it looked messy. We tried everything! We tried cleaning every single day. We tried throwing everything out. But still, something was wrong with the vibes of our home. And we pondered over it daily until one day....everything changed.

So, what do we do? Look up a YouTube video, of course. SMH

What we find is a semi-short video giving a break-down of fung shui and how to apply it's philosophy into your home. Here is the video. Check it out if you have some time.

There are a few vocab words in this video that may help you as you start your journey towards rejuvenating the space in your home. Even if you don't watch the video, these things are great concepts to read up on and apply into your every day life habits.

  1. Feng Shui, / fuhng-shwey, feng-shwee /. Feng shui is the traditional practice of using energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment, hence enhancing balance. It's all about connecting to the Qi Force, which is our next vocab word.

  2. Qi /chee/ is the backbone of feng shui. Qi is the life force that shapes, nurtures and governs all living things. According to my girl Merriam-Webster, qi is, "vital energy that is held to animate the body internally and is of central importance in some Eastern systems of medical treatment (such as acupuncture) and of exercise or self-defense (such as tai chi)."

  3. Internal Bright Hall. This is the space immediately after your front door. Your first point of contact with your home. The main point of entry. You already know where I am going with this one...

These definitions have philosophical implications that I plan to dive into more in a latter article. I just wanted to help you get your feet wet.

I love these principles because they are life laws that I knew even before I could put a term on it. For example, qi being the life force as they say. We all know about the life force. It's in all the movies. I know when you heard "life force" you wanted to pull out your saber sword like...

Yes, the life force. You know, "Let The Force be with you." It's everywhere in the media, but not only that, our intuition confirms it to be true.

The truth of the life force lies in our spirits, and our hearts. Our Creator put it in all of us, in all life, as they said. . Since youth, we are taught about the importance of communication, connecting with others, feeling out people's vibes, etc. On a spiritual and cultural level, many cultures teach about the One Who Made All, whom the Hebrews call Yoheweh, and how His Spirit flows through Mother Earth, animal and human.

On a multimedia level, there were millions of dollars that went behind including "the life force" into television programs, movies, music, and other forms of media. If you quickly check Google, you will see there were several television programs that were literally named, Life Force. Hollywood clearly sees the life force as being something that everyone should know about. Why is that? I would be interested to hear your opinions on that.

Some of this is very philosophical and I can't say I agree with all of it, but if there were any gems that I could share, here's what they would be:

  1. Feng shui has nothing to do with decorating or buying new things to redesign your home. It's about using what you already have and rearranging those things to make for a more inviting space.

  2. Utilize natural lighting as much as possible. Open those curtains! Let the sun shine in! Not only is it good for your family, it is great for the plants in your home as well.

  3. Keep all clutter away as much as possible, especially in your Internal Bright Hall. This gem obviously has a physical, mental and emotional application.

  4. Stress can lead to long term illness and disease. Feng shui applications are just one of the many ways to eliminate stress, and increase longevity.

  5. Make your home a priority and take it seriously. Your home is your temple. If you are stressed when you leave the home, guess how you will feel when you come home to take same clutter. If you feel great when you leave the house, guess what type of day you will have?

Before I even began reading up on feng shui, my family naturally took the steps towards achieving it. We started painting more often, and having our beautiful artworks displayed all over the home really boosted our feng shui. Each room has several painting from each person in the home. The love we have for one another permeates through each room, reminding us of those special moments we spent painting together.

For me, feng shui was always one of those words that I knew, but never knew how to apply. I was surprised to discover that a lot of the feng shui principles where things that felt natural to me already. They were concepts that made sense, which is why our family was able to turn our entire house around in just one day.

How will you feng shui your home and rejuvenate you living space?

Join our Facebook group, and let us know what you find out, and what you think.

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